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Sharknado: Worthy cheese for a drunken horror brawl. The first clue that something cool is upon us is when our hero Fin (Ian Ziering), the owner of a bar on Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles California, decides to shut down his bar so that his patrons can safely get home and avoid the coming storm when suddenly a shark comes bursting through the window and eats someone.

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Hergula1746d ago

Ain´t no way I´ll be watching this film, seems too cheesy.

pompombrum1745d ago

Cheesy horror films are the best when done right.

Hergula1745d ago

True, but I have a problem watching them because I can too easily find mistakes, and I hate how people waste their time, money, and efforts, creating watching these kinds of films that are not worth 5 cents... yet somehow people still watch horrible films like these...

RGDubz1745d ago

@ Hergula

I could say the same about most hollywood films, especially when we're talking mistakes.

pompombrum1745d ago


A lot of them are deliberately done that way.. Troma studios are the masters of "so bad it's good" horrors. It's personal taste tbh.

kingPoS1745d ago

Hobo with a shotgun was awesome because of the cheese.

Best-Horror-Movies1746d ago

This film is so cheesy it's actually funny, it would make a great party film for people to laugh their heads off.

hazelamy1745d ago

that's why The Room gets shown to full houses so often.

Soldierone1746d ago

We were watching clips of it at work and everyone was just busting up laughing the entire time. Watch it as a comedy and not a horror movie and you might get some enjoyment out of it, no promises though.

smashcrashbash1746d ago

This wasn't even B-movie worthy.It was total crap/Just because everyone ran to see what crap it was because they couldn't believe how much crap it was doesn't give it any merit.I could show you how big a pile of $hit is but that doesn't change what it is.B-movies are so bad that they are good.This was just bad.

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The story is too old to be commented.