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Iron Man 3 Review | Metal Arcade

Metal Arcade: Zack Kircher writes:

Iron Man 3 is a fun, exhilarating and even deep superhero film that is vastly superior to its predecessor.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe was one of the biggest financial risks ever made by a film studio – it asked that a studio introduce comic book characters (some rather obscure) with standalone films in preparation for The Avengers, in which these characters would finally team up. Fortunately for Marvel Studios and Disney, this gambit really paid off, for all of those films received solid reviews and The Avengers is now the third highest-grossing film of all-time. However, that was just “Phase One” in Marvel’s planned universe of films, for now the third installment of the Iron Man franchise is here to kick off the second phase, which is leading up to The Avengers 2. With that, has Iron Man 3 ultimately succeeded in kickstarting that second phase?

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alycakes1840d ago

I loved this movie...I don't care what critics say or what they think about the plot or what they did with the Mandarin's character but the movie itself was great. Iron Man afterall is a person that is like everyone else and has issues like everyone else so I thought they handled that PTSD well.

The kid in the show was good too. I thought it had more heart than the last one and I liked the way they ended it. It gave it an opening to come back or not to come back with another installment.

KingPin1840d ago

personally i was disappointed by it and i don't see how it gets such high reviews.

the plot was thin and the comedic elements that they tried to introduce was poor. and predictable. what i was annoyed by was why were they referring to avengers so much, yet when he was getting his ass handed to him, not one avenger came to help out. i really thought it was a waste. like a filler coz they had nothing else to use. also the final battle was lame. it was action packed but it was a total CGI-fest of "how many ways can tony stark get into his suit. let us count the ways". didnt care too much for that.

it also ended quite horribly for me personally. its like his giving up this whole iron man thing and sticking to his day job and to spend more time with miss potts.

for a popcorn movie it was ok. nothing grand.

aDDicteD1837d ago

iron man 3 has its good scenes and bad scenes, the movie is entertaining, war machine was more utilized properly and the humor was good HOWEVER, the mandarin twist in the middle of the film was not a good move for me. the plot was ok and the deception, but why did they do it with the mandarin that was ridiculous, he was iron mans primary nemesis in the comics and now they are trying something..i personally was disappointed.