VOD Review: Zombieland / Crosstalk Network

Crosstalk Networks own Ken Wicklein reviews Zombieland : The Series. Here's an excerpt,

"That glee, turned very quickly to disgust as this show is complete garbage. While, we try to be fair to most things and find something good, especially when it is a small independent venture such as this. But that is not possible here as there are no redeeming qualities in this one. Everything from the story, to the actors, to the cheap effects, this movie failed.."

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aDDicteD1881d ago

for the sake of money they lazily hasten the project and we got this tv series that is far from the film it was based upon.

seriously, they replaced woody with that goofy looking dude, they replace jesse with a more annoying helpless teen. the 2 girls might be ok but the younger one looks much younger than abigail breslin when she made this and it says that this is the events that followed? if it was why does the younger girl look even more younger. i bet it wont have a season 2 unless they turn things around quickly.