Collider Bates Motel Review: “The Truth”

What I have to commend Bates Motel on more than anything (even Vera Farmiga‘s exceptional insanity) is that it doesn’t hide behind mystery to an absurd point, yet it doesn’t burn through plots too quickly. The pacing is, in a word, excellent. We’re a little more than halfway through the first season now, and we’ve already had one big mysteries explained and one major plot ended, and yet knowing the “truth,” as it were, hasn’t diminished from the experience — in fact, it has opened up new avenues for drama. Bates Motel doesn’t drive us crazy with waiting for certain revelations, but rewards our patience with small favors. Hit the jump for why you should never threaten Norma in front of Norman.

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alycakes1917d ago

This was some episode...I can't believe all that's happening. Great show...can't wait to see what's going to happen next.

aDDicteD1911d ago

this series is absolutely good, when season 1 will be over and be released on dvd i will definitely grab a copy.