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Spartacus: War of the Damned - "Victory" Review | Metal Arcade

Spartacus' journey comes to an end in this emotional, mesmerizing finale.

Note: Full spoilers for the episode to follow.

Very few shows have consistently entertained and engaged me like Spartacus has. The series has consistently, over three seasons and a prequel series, defied expectations and delivered one of the most action-packed, well-acted historical dramas ever to grace the small screen. It's even survived the unfortunate passing of the original lead actor, the late Andy Whitfield. With many great shows having been canceled before their time, I'm glad to see that Spartacus was able to end on its own terms. The entire series has been building towards this episode, and thankfully, it does not disappoint.

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Zephol1863d ago

One of the best tv show ever! Amazing final and epic! Spartacus forever!!!

etownone1862d ago

I have to agree... And epic finale.

Sahil1855d ago

There is no greater victory then to fall from this world a free man glorious.

jeremyKX1863d ago

I personally didn't like the finale. Not sure why but the show built up so much this season to have it torn apart. I knew from history that Spartacus dies but I just wished there was something more...

SnakeCQC1862d ago

same and seeing people like gannicus on the crosses was unbearible

Sahil1855d ago

Showing Spartacus meeting Sura for the first time in the afterlife would've been a great moment.

Sahil1855d ago

We all love happy endings, but this is the written history, I would prefer that they all win and defeat the romans...I cried so much at the end...with spartacus dead...

aDDicteD1854d ago

i always like the spartacus story and they did execute this well enough, i would likely get a bluray copy soon.