Bates Motel Collider Review: “What’s Wrong With Norman?”

After about forty minutes of leisurely pacing and giving time over to exposition (not that that is a bad thing for a show just starting out to do), things got real on Bates Motel in the final, bizarre minutes. White Pines Bay has plenty of secrets, and even the cleanest of citizens are part of its dirty underground. But it is Norman this week who makes the strangest turns, on a clear trajectory from his unsettling violence last week to ever-increasing weirdness. And, apparently, the past is not well-buried in White Pines for anyone. Hit the jump for more on what exactly is wrong with Norman.

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alycakes1846d ago

The are showing what went wrong for sure.

LobbycastGeoff1845d ago

I didn't like this episode quite as much as the previous two, but the series still has a lot of potential. Vera Fermiga is awesome!

aDDicteD1839d ago

this series is interesting and thats what i like in watching a series, you will be left hanging and want for more and that shows that the series has quite a potential.