Haunted House Coming to DVD and Blu-ray

Love 'em or hate 'em, parody movies are here to stay. The horror genre has seen a few over the past few months. Universal Studios Home Entertainment has released the details of the home video release of its horror spoof, A Haunted House.

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StarWarsFan1881d ago

I wonder if they'll make another.

Sahil1881d ago

This movie is a mix-up of Scary Movie and Paranormal Activity, the bedroom is from Paranormal Activity 1, and the knives, pans etc are from the others. The comic parts of the film are from Scary Movie and they comically reenact the famous parts of the Paranormal Activity films with huge success

aDDicteD1877d ago

i have not yet get too see this movie but im planning to because marlon wayans is one of the comedians that really makes me laugh. this movie might be like scary movie, all laughs , all fun, hilariously entertaining, but at the end of the day it is not really a must own in neither dvd or bluray, its just fun at the moment type of film.