Dexter: First Season 8 Teaser

It's odd to already have a Dexter teaser trailer out this early in the year, but for the first time ever, Showtime's hit series is returning in the summer, not the fall.

This Dexter: Season 8 teaser has no actual footage from the show, old or new. Instead, we see names -- oh so many names -- of those who've been killed on the series since it began, either by Dexter or, it could be argued, because of Dexter.

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TheWolverine1791d ago

i cant wait for the new season

DivineHand1251791d ago

This is premièring much earlier than normal. I hope it isn't the final season.

Sahil1791d ago

Dexter must die in order to have a good series ending.

StarWarsFan1790d ago

Solid teaser. Now I can't bare to wait even more!

Sahil1786d ago

Just came across this awesome fan made intro: