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Just got back from Solo. Went in with ZERO expectations. Came away with a smile. It was not as bad as it is being made out to be. It is MUCH better than the trash that was Last Jedi.

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FIRE Kathleen Kennedy. The woman is a virtue signaling tramp that is DESTROYING the Star Wars legacy.

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Her actions with this forced diversity and racial bullshit prove that she does not deserve the post which she presently occupies. She is poison to the franchise and she is being left in charge largely due to what she sports between her legs versus between her ears. I really love the fact that she cast Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) to play one of the most iconic of the smugglers....only to see him spout on about race politics, AND to release a totally ridiculous 'This is America' mu...

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I wonder is Lando is going to also have neon and spinners on the Falcon as well. I mean come on.

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Wow this is getting absolutely decimated in reviews.

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Let it be worthy!!

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Dave Filoni needs a chance to direct a movie!! He is the natural choice and was groomed for this...which unfortunately is why I don't think he will ever get the chance. He runs counter to what Disney wants (to water down and PC the franchise, to use it as a platform for liberal garbage, and to emasculate all males, promote all racial characters etc). I fully expect openly gay characters soon, and for these trends to continue and ultimately get worse. I think they are going to paint Han So...

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Wholeheartedly agree that it was 200% worse on the second watch. I was actually cringing and left the theater shaking my head. Even my son was like WTF...and he is a bigger fan than I am having read all the comics. Not only destroyed Luke's legacy, but also destroyed JJ's setups for the new trilogy. Rian is a wrecking ball....and they give him a new trilogy?? I just don't get it.

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Kathleen Kennedy and Disney are DESTROYING Star Wars. Rian Johnson basically pissed on the legacy in order to cowtow to the PC female empowerment mantra. He literally DESTROYED the legacy of Luke Skywalker. This entire 6+ film arc has been at it's core about the Skywalker family, and in large part Luke specifically. Rian turns him into a senile old hermit, who is more interested in pole fishing and milking space moose. Oh yeah and he is now a pshycopathic killer who tried to murder his ne...

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She is stunningly beautiful.

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I wasn't. The movie sucked. Luke as a psycho killer. Space moose milking. A ridiculous story arc through a casino gambling world? It was an insult to the Luke Skywalker legacy and storyline and it did nothing but dumb down the franchise and hurt the Star Wars brand. Kathleen Kennedy is going to run Star Wars into the ground with her platform nonsense for female empowerment and male emasculation. Enough is enough. The agenda is beyond ridiculous.. Females are part (and have ALWAYS been par...

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What complete and utter nonsense. It is NOT time for a woman to play Indiana Jones. I think a women is playing Steven Spielberg. PC tripe. Agenda.

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Is this movie going to be DOA or what!? I have faith in Ron Howard, but man he was brought in at the 11th hour to save what has been a hot mess.

It is time to stop releasing movies every year. It is also time to stop having Star Wars become a platform for female empowerment. I swear if the Solo movie ends up being more about Emilia Clarke's character than Han Solo I am done with Star Wars. With Kathleen Kennedy at the helm, it is all about females.

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Looks absolutely amazing. Cannot wait.

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DC has better games, Marvel better movies....why can't we have BOTH? I want to play a great Marvel game. I want to watch a great DC movie. Sorry to say but the new Fatman with Fat Ben Affleck just does not cut it. Wonder Woman was a yawn, and Batman vs Superman was AWFUL. Haven't see Justice League yet, but I don't have high hopes.

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Wiig is sneaky hot. I think she has needed a role like this to shed the typecast and to run wild (no pun intended).

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Enough of this shit. WHO CARES. I swear this generation is so lost. Your efforts for forced diversity and forced and token inclusion are getting to be a bit much. Case in point every Star Wars movie since George Lucas sold his empire are female lead characters with emasculated male characters. It is so blatantly obvious that it is being forced by Kathleen Kennedy that it defies logic.

I predict that this is going to backfire in spectacular fashion. The fans are growing tir...

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I am not a major fan, but I have to say the trailer was AWFUL. It does not look like a good movie at all.

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Why do I get the feeling that once again Kennedy leading Lucasfilm will result in an emasculated Han, and a focus on a strong female character (Emilia Clarke)....It is getting really really old. EVERY movie and game since She has taken the helm (including Battlefront 2's story which is now canon) have been focused on females. Enough already.

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OMFG no. USELESS story arc included for the sake of diversity and inclusion. Added absolutely NOTHING to the story, and there was little to no character development. This is Disney being Disney. We want more female every damn movie they make has a female lead. Enough is enough. They could have left the entire Finn and Rose story arc on the cutting room floor and frankly the movie would have been the better for it.

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