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Ban knives!! Knife Control!! They are sharp and dangerous (regardless of their purpose). Ban forks! They have prongs and can be thrust forward in a stabbing motion. This is dangerous. Ban Forks!!

Point is that an object is an object. It has no malice. The person using it. The DRUGS (including big pharma money makers) help to distort one's mindset. America has always been a culture of guns. We have ALWAYS had guns. We did not always have mind altering pharmaceuticals. ...

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Sony should....3 Billion is the ask! Charge them the moon and KEEP game exclusivity rights. It is time for Disney to get royally screwed at the negotiation table. Cannot stand them.

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A reboot of a reboot (due to too much social justice and token casting). Surprise surprise.

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HAHA. That means he KNEW that Disney fully intended to rape and destroy Star Wars....and they have. The Last Jedi....was my last Star Wars movie. I am done (and I have been a life long fan). F Iger, and F Disney.

Kathleen Kennedy is also VERY much to blame here. She saw her chance to push her female agenda.

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Disney is to blame. Just wait. There will soon be LGBT Jedi, and other social justice virtue signals throughout Star Wars. It is no coincidence that females are leading almost every single movie, and the once heroic male characters are made to look weak or are killed off entirely. The Disney agenda is clear, and sad to say but Star Wars is dead and buried. The last movie was the worst Star Wars movie ever made. It is an insult...yet Rian gets to helm 3 more movies.

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Wow is this Disney whoring out the Star Wars license even more....? Who would have thought.

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As if Disney doesn't own the rights to just about every damn franchise on the planet. They are ridiculously greedy. All so they can pay their CEO RIDICULOUS sums of money (65 MILLION A YEAR) and charge consumers a fortune (i.e. rip them off) for just about everything.

Thanks for screwing this up Disney. Sony hold on to those rights and extend your middle finger to Bobby Iger and Disney.

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Stranger Things has well and truly jumped the shark. Loved the virtue signaling!

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Can't wait to watch. Every episode is filled with diversity, inclusion, women lead characters (lore be damned, all Mandalorians were female). Should be AWESOME.

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LOVED the original. Cheese, but man I must have watched that about 50 times as a kid. Adrienne

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DC Films are heading downhill fast. Ridiculously bad casting decisions. Look at Marvel - DO WHAT THEY ARE DOING. Stop freaking rebooting things every two years. Get the right actors. Get the right directors.

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OMFG DC needs to FIRE their casting resources.

DC - Best Games, and TV - movies are weak point
Marvel - By FAR best movies, TV is decent, Games are weak point (but Spider Man is bright spot)

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CW After Dark - Batwoman gets with Catwoman. Yes please.

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Wow that is a COLOSSAL mistake. He idirected the WORST Star Wars movie EVER made. Kathleen Kennedy further destroying the legacy to push the 'agenda'. I envision the next film will feature the first trans gender jedi. Perhaps the first openly gay alien. Maybe they could cover the injustice of space restrooms. Aliens that identify as droids. How every single hero that is white and a male are destructive, and need to be changed to non white and/or female characters. R.I.P. Star Wars is...

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It looks AWFUL!!!!!! Yet another DC movie BOMB. DC has better games, and better TV shows but their movies are seriously lacking. Marvel has MUCH better movies, but their games and TV are lacking. We need to make all better.

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Huh?? After they pissed all over his legacy in the last film?

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Now with 100% more virtue signaling, and ethnicity. Thanks Kathleen for DESTROYING Star Wars. The poster looks like it was made by a 3 year old with magazine cut outs.

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it is freaking FANTASTIC. I WANT MORE!!!!!

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