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‘Horrible Bosses’ Director Seth Gordon Says ‘King Of Kong’ Remake Will Be Done In Faux-Doc Style

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Director Seth Gordon, the man behind the cameras of “Four Christmases” and this weekend’s “Horrible Bosses” still has people talking about his debut feature, the documentary “The King Of Kong: A Fistful Of Quarters” four years since it hit theaters. The sleeper sensation was an unlikely hit, tracking Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe as they slugged out to wear the crown as the champion players of Donkey Kong. As funny and at times absurd as that story was, it was also unexpectedly tender and moving, and it’s no surprise that New Line snapped up the rights to remake it into a feature film. And even as Gordon has gone on to work both in film and television on a variety of projects, “King Of Kong” is still a movie people want to talk about and thought movement has slow, we recently caught up with the director who told is it’s still definitely happening.

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