'Uncharted' to Start Filming in Early 2015, Director Seth Gordon Says

From Zap2It:

Director Seth Gordon is busy trying to get in as much work as he can on his returning hit "The Goldbergs" and his new NBC series "Marry Me" before his entire schedule gets consumed by the long in development adaption of the video game "Uncharted."

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-Foxtrot1606d ago

I hope this gets dropped. We really don't need it. Without Nolan North and co it's not going to be the same

They should of focused on the Last of Us film instead. I just think it would be easier to recast them for the role.

darklordzor1606d ago

Honestly though, I feel there'd be less story to tell with The Last of Us. I mean, playing it felt like I was watching a movie, so I can't imagine a film doing any better.

With Uncharted, they can forge their own path. Since it's basically like an Indiana Jones type of set-up, they can do stories separate from the games, but still connected. I think there's more potential story-wise in Uncharted for a movie, regardless of casting.

iamnsuperman1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

The Last of Us universe is best suited for a TV mini series (preferably in a similar style to how the UK does it). They could tell an interesting story that way in The Last of Us universe. I feel Uncharted is too indiana jonesey to be made into a good film

Defectiv3_Detectiv31606d ago

Enough of the Nolan North nonsense. The man is a voice actor, which is an amazing (and highly underrated) talent in it's own right. Still, he has no place in front of the camera. He has no screen presence, he's not a formally trained screen actor, and he's not a big enough celebrity to get people in the seats.

And besides, Nolan North is the voice of like a thousand characters. He is sooo oversaturated whenever I hear his voice in an animated feature or a video game it just kills any immersion.

SouthClaw1606d ago

Should be Nathan Fillion simple.

ajax171605d ago

Judging by the screenwriters and director, this is probably going to be very bad. Mediocre at best.