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The LRA Show Ep. 10 - X-Men: First Class

LRA writes: After a well deserved week off we are back in action with special guest (and comic book enthusiast) James Blunt in tow to fill in the third seat due to Miguel being on an "extended vacation". We have an assortment of things to talk about this week ranging from the legendary Alamo Drafthouse theater in Texas, to the new martial arts film IP Man 2 along with a lengthy discussion on the current lack of originality in Hollywood. Then we mutate into our main discussion for the new franchise reboot (prequel?) X-Men: First Class where James proceeds to blow us away with this comic book know-how and insights. Featured music this week is from the "X-Men: First Class" motion picture soundtrack.

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Denzel Washington Being Eyed To Play The MCU's Magneto

With Disney reportedly looking for a person of color to fill the role of Magneto in the MCU, Denzel Washington appears to be one actor being eyed.

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Eiffel1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

Do it. It'd be hilarious. To hell with this capeshit trend already.

Aldous_Snow1628d ago

LMFAO. So stupid but I'd laugh hard if it happened

AllAroundDistraction1628d ago

Will smith needs to be in this version. Big fan... maybe as Cyclops... who is your pick for wolverine?


20 Idiotic Decisions Made By Characters In The X-Men Franchise


If the movies have taught audiences anything, it’s that fictional characters make a lot of dumb decisions – like, a ton of them. All the time. In most cases, this happens as a result of lazy screenwriting – filmmakers force characters to do things that they’d probably avoid doing in real life in order to move the plot forwards. Sometimes it’s just easier that way, and who – really – is all that bothered about things like “realism”? Right?

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