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The 10 Most Heartbreaking Moments in Comic Book Movies

We enjoy our favourite comic book movies as much for their great characters with recognizable human failings as their bombast and humour. After a re-watch of The Dark Knight recently it struck me how brilliantly sad it was when The Joker explains to Batman that they’ll “do this dance forever," not only within the context of the narrative but outside of it, as we’d never see Heath Ledger do that dance again. It made me think about those quieter moments in our fan-boy favourites that punch us in the guts and force us to look to the ceiling so our friends don’t spot the tears rolling down our cheeks (I’m looking at you, death-of-Big-Daddy.)

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Sandmano3544d ago

I agree with almost all of these choices

aDDicteD3542d ago

Surprised to see the thor banished scene on the list. there are a couple more scenes that I can think of that could have made to the list like the scene of rorshach in the end scene in watchmen and also the dark knight rises end scenes were they thought that the batman died.

StarWarsFan3539d ago

Big Daddy dying really got to me when I first watched Kick-Ass.