Ranking the Six Live Action X-Men Films

For the most part fans of the Marvel comic book universe that these films are based on have been pleased with the results, but that doesn’t mean that every movie is perfect. Some are definitely better than others, and X-Men geeks are more than willing to share their opinions on what worked, as well as on what completely failed.

With that being said EB thought it’d be a great time to rank each of the six X-Men movies that have been released between 2000 and 2013. Find out how they stack up from worst to first!

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA3349d ago

Still think the top two could be tied for 1st.

darklordzor3349d ago

First Class is far and away the best of them, in my opinion. It managed to bring together a cohesive story with great character building. It was the first time I felt something deeper than just mindless entertainment while watching the X-films.

coolbeans3349d ago

Although I really wasn't that impressed by it, it's still shocking to see it behind X3: Last Stand (stupid Brett Ratner >:0).

StarWarsFan3349d ago

Yeah, I pretty much agree with that order.

aDDicteD3349d ago

x men 2 and x men first class are obviously the best entries among the six and it might be highly debatable on which is better. x men and the wolverine are pretty much locked up in the middle and i think x men the last stand is the worst among them if you count the faults.