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FilmFracture: The Beaver Review

James Jay Edwards of FilmFracture writes: "The Beaver feels like Jodie Foster is doing her old pal Mel Gibson a favor. Gibson has had a rough few years in his off-screen life, and Foster (who has been friends with Gibson since the pair worked together in 1994 on Maverick) seems to be helping him out by giving him a role that he can sink his teeth into. In the film, Gibson is a far cry from his Sexiest Man Alive days. In this movie, Gibson looks like Gibson looks now -- haggard, drunk and totally believable as a borderline schizophrenic. One thing is for sure -- The Beaver is not a puppet show. It is about as dark as a movie can be and still garner a PG-13 rating. It is not the feel-good hit of the summer. Once the cute puppet is stripped away, the viewer is left with an unsettling look at the core and effects of mental illness. That being said, it is a very entertaining film, even funny at times."

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alycakes4101d ago

I wanted to go see this so bad this weekend. It was limited release and the closest theater was at least 30-40 minutes away so unless it comes to a theater closer to me I guess it will be a while before I can make any comments on this movie aside from the fact that what I've seen and heard so far makes me want to see it.