ClickOnline Review - The Beaver

Mel Gibson returns to the screen as a man with a special hand puppet friend

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5 Mel Gibson Films You Should See From His Resurgence

Mel Gibson's career once hit the lowest point over his controversial remarks. But he has been slowing making his way back to the business. With his award-winning directorial comeback, Hacksaw Ridge, aside, here are five of Mel's movies he acted in that we recommend to you.

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The Beaver Blu-Ray Review - Boolean Flix

It’s been well documented that Mel Gibson isn’t the most accepting of individuals, and has lost many fans because of it. Myself included. I decided to try to put my feelings for him aside and have an open mind for his appearance in The Beaver, especially as I was interested in seeing how he would fair in a sea of audiences that don’t especially like him. Although it wasn’t as I expected it to be, I wasn’t entirely disappointed.

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Celluloid Zombie Review: The Beaver

Starring: Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster, Anton Yelchin, Jennifer Lawrence

Director: Jodie Foster

‘You’re nothing without me, Walter. Nothing. I’m the only part of you that works.‘

After two years of severe depression, toy executive Walter Black retreats completely and begins communicating with his long-suffering family through a glove puppet. Meanwhile, his estranged elder son fights to avoid becoming his father.

Having been trapped in limbo for over a year, waiting for the dust to settle on Mel Gibson’s public meltdown, The Beaver is finally released into the world. And it’s hard to imagine a more fitting role for Gibson to have chosen, even if it was chosen and performed before the event.

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