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Dylan Dog: Dead Of Night Review - WGTC

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night is a fun comedy/horror whodunnit with a supernatural twist. Based on an Italian graphic novel about a loner detective for the undead, Dylan Dog has everything from the silly sidekick to cannibal zombies. It also boasts some great old-school practical effects. With a limited release this weekend, this Platinum Studios film delivers plenty of movie fun in the style of those campy 80′s monster flicks.

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dweavis3658d ago

Good review, you definitely saw the film in a much brighter light than I did. But I can definitely see where you are coming from on it. Most of all I am happy that somebody out there actually got something out of it which means it does have it's audience.

alycakes3658d ago

I'll be going to see it.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33658d ago

Here that: it's the sound of Brandon Routh's career dying.

Armadilo3657d ago

Hopefully we will not bee seeing Dylan Dog 2 in our near future

alycakes3656d ago

Brandon Routh was on the TV series Chuck for a few weeks as a CIA spy and that didn't go too well for him either. They killed him off after a few episodes.