LRA: Dylan Dog - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: I must have a deep seeded need for self inflicted punishment. Nobody forces me to seek out bad films and watch them but I do anyway. I guess I do it in an attempt to find that hidden gem, that film that blurs those oh so thin lines between good and bad. Just like an archaeologist searching for that one artifact that makes it all worthwhile I to force myself to sit through some of the worst uses of celluloid of all time in order to find such rare items of worth. When I first saw the trailer for Dylan Dog it immediately seemed like the worst idea for a movie ever and thus I was hooked. Could the finished product ever truly live up to how bad that trailer made it look? Was I in store for some truly great/horrible cinema? Because how can a movie starring Brandon Routh as an "Investigator for the Undead" where he befriends vampires, werewolves and zombies not be so bad its good?

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alycakes3461d ago

For someone that wasn't going to go too much into detail ...they sure are long winded. I agree about Brandon Routh not being too talented in the acting department but the movie plot and idea is good and I'm going to give it the benifit of the doubt and go see it for myself. But then again, I always do go get my own opinion. Once I see a preview and like the plot I have to make up my own mind but I'll go see it on my half price day which I get on Wednesdays.

dweavis3460d ago

Lol, I suppose I did get a little carried away but then again I never mentioned I wasn't going to go into detail, only that the positives wouldn't take too long to cover unfortunately.

I had no qualms about the premise only it's lackluster execution. By all means check it out, but just go in with levied expectations is all I'm saying.

alycakes3460d ago

Will do as always when I check out something out of the ordinary. I was not trying to be rude just going on as I usually do.

dweavis3460d ago

No rudeness implied, I just thought I would chime in is all :)

Nes_Daze3460d ago

This movie looks really low-quality, but I'll check it out regardless on dvd when it's out, good review btw.

dweavis3460d ago

I would say it is a solid rental if you are curious. My recommendation is more or less for the general public.

alycakes3460d ago

I guess I could consider myself general public when I'm in the mood for a movie. But then I'm exceptional public when I'm a critic.