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Player Affinity | Dylan Dog: Dead Of Night Review

Player Affinity writes: "How "Dylan Dog" didn't wind up A) going direct to video or B) airing on the Syfy Channel, is absolutely mind-blowing. It's so utterly and mind-bogglingly inept at entertaining its audience, raising excitement during any of its so-called "action" scenes, or just having a single ounce of quality at all."

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artsaber3657d ago

Or is Dylan Dog a Buffy the Vampire Slayer for men?

Megaton3656d ago

Friend was telling me he saw this the other night. He liked it, but he does like bad horror movies more than most.

alycakes3656d ago

Give us a break...Buffy the Vampire Slayer rocked! This is just a pass by night movie. Don't insult the Queen of all who kills all bad things and saves the world I don't know how many times and comes back from being dead 3 times.

alycakes3655d ago

My daughter went to see this over the weekend. She said that for a stupid, poorly made film...she loved it...mostly because it made her laugh a lot. She said it wasn't so bad. It's all in ones choice I guess.