NonsenseFilm Review: 127 Hours

NonsenseFilm's Andrew Jones writes:

'My dislike of Danny Boyle isn’t my most hidden secret, the bodies under the house are, but it doesn’t stop me from being able to give his films critique, there are elements that have worked for him, Sunshine, for instance, is a really interestingly made sci-fi thriller, it’s third act aside it has great actors, well conceived premise and looks fantastic, especially for the budget.

And so, one film on from the awards success of the painfully cheesy Slumdog Millionaire, it appears that with 127 Hours, Danny Boyle has fully given in to the styles and aesthetics that Slumdog only pushed at in areas. It’d be easy to talk about all the film’s faults.'

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Soldierone4147d ago

Hmmm this is the first "bad" review for the movie. Others are either praising it, or giving it moderate reviews. I think ill wait for it to come on Blu-ray though.