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H&T: 127 Hours Blu-ray Review

David Weaver from Home And Theater writes: Director Danny Boyle is a man that adapts to any particular story he decides to tell. He has no genre he is affiliated with and is never seen as the guy that does "blank" really well. His gift comes from his ability to morph his style of direction into whatever is needed to tell the story as best he can. His body of work encompasses such diverse subjects as hard science-fiction, zombie horror, and family films. This time he has brought to us a tale of a man. A man that was so wrapped up in how great he thought he was that he alienated all those around him to the point of him feeling he didn't need anyone else. This is the story of a man who came face to face with death, despair and all the mistakes he has made over the course of his self centered life. This is the inspiring true story of how Aron Ralston gained the courage to save his own life when all hope seemed lost.

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Soldierone4293d ago

I just watched it today. Absolutely amazing movie! It had some ameturish moments in the filming, but it wasn't anything breaking the film. It had a really good story, and the ending really gets that throat thing going to where you feel emotional for the character.

The cutting of the arm....yeah i couldnt watch it lol, looked away almost the entire time he was doing it.