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Watch James Franco Cut Off His Arm in This Bloody Good Outtake


In case you've forgotten, James Franco will not only be cohosting the Oscars this Sunday in an epic way, but he may also just walk away with a little golden boy of his own. OK, maybe not.

Still, that's not to say he isn't deserving of one for his work in 127 Hours. After all, his performance in the film is certainly, um, a cut above anything he's ever done before, and in this exclusive sneak peek at a deleted scene featured on the movie's upcoming Blu-ray/DVD release (this Tuesday), we're indeed reminded of that.

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Sunny_D4297d ago

Yikes! That is scary to see. But, James is a really good actor and he deserves the nomination for an Oscar.

Soldierone4297d ago

Wow it makes me cringe my arm in pain just watching that, he did so well lol.

-MD-4297d ago

Were we watching the same video? Nothing happened that would make someone cringe.

Sunny_D4297d ago

I kind of cringed, but I think if he showed a bit more, it would have been scarier.

-MD-4297d ago

He shows A LOT more in the actual film

Sunny_D4297d ago

Yeah, I know I was talking about this video specifically. Like if he had a bigger cut and he showed for more than 5 seconds.

Soldierone4297d ago

Its the fact you dont know what he is gonna show, and how he moves so you know something is wrong. It was liike making me grasp my arm and look away.

-MD-4297d ago (Edited 4297d ago )

The actual amputation scene in the movie didn't even bother me that much. I heard it was super graphic and making people pass out but it only showed it for all of 5 seconds. The little sound that would jolt whenever he would cut a nerve or whatever is what made me grind my teeth.

If you've seen the film you'll know what sound I'm talking about. It was brilliant.

Soldierone4297d ago

Its that scene thats keeping me away from the film lol. I cant stand stuff like that, also why i cant enjoy doctor shows or anything. The only thing that bugs me more is when people cut throats, thats why i wont watch most horror movies.

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