Zack Snyder Directing Superman

Zack Snyder has been chosen to direct the new installment of Superman for Warner Bros. Snyder was on a short list of directors that Deadline revealed recently, who met with the studio and producers Chris Nolan and Emma Thomas.

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JL3326d ago

Thank goodness. Out of the people they had short-listed, Snyder was absolutely the one I wanted them to choose. I think, especially under Nolan's supervision, Snyder could do a great job with this.

Whoooop3326d ago

Like I said in the forums...

I'm not too thrilled about it because of his style, but if he can be controlled by Nolan (Something Nolan probably won't have time to do considering Batman also releases in 2012) then it might be good.

I don't hate his movies at all or even his style... I just don't want to see Superman turned into a slow-mo fest.

We'll wait and see how much influence Nolan will have in the actual direction.

JL3325d ago

Like I said, I just feel of those mentioned he's the better choice. Scott would've been the only other good choice I think, but I'm just not sure how well he would be able to handle that comic book/superhero world type style. Snyder has at least proven he can. Plus he has shown that he does a good job of blending character study/action/storytelling well enough. I like the choice.

That being said, I really think Nolan will at least have some decent influence in this. Also the story is coming from him. Not to mention I think Jonathan as well will be there to help out. So I think Nolan will ensure Snyder doesn't get carried away.

Soldierone3325d ago

Im glad Zach Snyder got it, since he has the talent. The only problem is this is going to follow the lead of Batman and pretty much every major motion picture now. Its going to be darker and griddier, and sure thats cool now but is it Superman? Not really. Could it work? If done right and its like the Doomsday story.

Don't get me wrong, but I didn't like Watchmen. I thought the direction was pretty good, but it was super long and super boring. No I dont want explosions and fights every ten minutes, but liven it up. Dont make Superman boring....again.

Whoooop3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

I really don't think they're going with a darker tone for this Superman... Returns already was dark enough (Dark as in colours and atmosphere, not grittiness or somewhat scary), but felt simple and kind of slow.

I think they will go more with realism than going dark ala Batman...

We'll see.

Soldierone3325d ago

The reason I say it.

You have Nolan backing it, and he is going to try to make it a Batman success. Which was only a success because of its darker real to life tone. I don't mind a real to life tone with Superman, that would be kinda cool.

You have several other guys, like Moore, that are sitting at WB offices telling them constantly "Superman needs to be dark, look at the darker comics" and maybe WB did budge?

Superman will have to meet Batman, since WB is making a Justice League movie. Since its the two big powerhouse superheroes, they need some sort of relevance. You cant have dark and griddy tone Batman movies, mix with upper-tone, not down to earth Superman movies.

JL3325d ago

I think they may go "dark" but not like Batman dark. Grittier and more real I think would be a nice way to describe their aim.

And see there's why I'm comfortable with Snyder being chosen (the good direction but boring story comment). He's not doing the writing. Granted when he writes he can be a bit weak and overindulgent. However, for this one Nolan has wrote the story. Now take Nolan brothers' writing and let Snyder handle that with his style and direction and I think it could be nice. We'll definitely get more action than Superman Returns, but at the same time a nice character study and some nice style to the movie.

We'll just have to wait and see though I guess.

JL3325d ago

I see where we're differing now Whoop: what we want out of the franchise. See for me, I just can't buy Superman being "real", that's why I'd prefer a more "stylish" adaptation of it. And for this I think Snyder would definitely be the better choice. I mean I think they still plan to bring a gritty/real-ish feel to it, but I think they may want to go a bit more stylish with it (hence the choice of Snyder). Batman works for being real with it as there's nothing impossible about the lore. However Superman is another story. I'd like them to inject a sort of realism to it, but also have that stylish flavor that Snyder does well with.

Whoooop3325d ago

Exactly... We're differing in what we want from the movie, not in which director would be the best pick. Nolan is our saviour despite the director.

I'm very open minded when it comes to movies and I might want many things, but I can definitely adapt if the movie is well done.

I just wish the movie doesn't turn out like 300, Watchmen or Sucker Punch in terms of cinematic style if you get what I mean.

He definitely has the talent to direct and he could adapt to what Nolan asks of him with no problems so I'll just wait and see.

Soldierone3325d ago

I agree, but It most likely will turn out to be the same. Very epic looking shots, alot of slow motion, and vibrant shots all over. With a Superman movie that isn't exactly bad though.

One thing I do want to see however, is Zach to make his own original film with the talent and experience he has now. All he makes is adaptations of other projects, I want to see something original. Like Nolans Inception.

JL3325d ago

Agree. Nolan IS our savior. That's why I have no worries about story (which is a weak point of Snyder...and Scott too) when it comes to this decision. I also think he'll want to make sure that Snyder doesn't muck it up because Nolan's name will be all over the movie (just to ride on the coattails of his popularity right now--I can see it now "from the people that brought you Inception, The Dark Knight and 300 comes....The Man of Steel").

But yea, we'll have to wait and see. Bottom line, Nolan has been heading this project. And I have faith in him that he's chosen the best man for the job (he has a knack for that).

-Mezzo-3325d ago

I'd say that is a good choice.

morkendo233325d ago

long as they not in the reboot i dont care who the villian is.....not!! DARK SEID anyone?

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