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Zack Snyder Says It's Unlikely That Brandon Routh Will Play Superman Again

As of today, the Superman reboot has a script, a director and a confirmed villain (not bad considering this morning we only had one of the three). The big story that remains, of course, is who will be donning the cape. As we've previously reported, Brandon Routh, who played the role in Bryan Singer's Superman Returns, has developed quite a heavy fan-base and would love to take on the role again. Sadly, it seems like it's not meant to be. Variety spoke with Zack Snyder today about accepting the job of director, and he let loose a detail that is going to disappoint a lot of fans. According to the article, Snyder has said it "isn't likely" that Routh will play the role again in the Christopher Nolan produced film.

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Soldierone4242d ago

This just saddens me alot....

He was a perfect Superman and looked just like the old Superman. He was really dedicated to his part in Returns and really wanted to play a part in the new one. What other Actor is going to be that devoted to the movie?

JL4242d ago

I know. Saddens me as well. He was a perfect Superman indeed. It's like I can't even imagine anybody else playing Superman but Routh anymore. Maybe they'll pull out some miracle and get it done or something. But I REALLY want him back.

Honestly, sitting here thinking about it. I can't even fathom a possible replacement. Yea....I can't even figure a replacement. Bomer is a popular request it seems, and while he looks good as a Superman, I don't think he could play the actual role. Plus he's a bit short for Superman. Seriously, any name I think of just gets compared to Routh in my mind, and they all fall incredibly short. Routh should be given a second shot, plain and simple.

Soldierone4242d ago

I honestly can't think of any either haha. Usually I'll be like "well these people could do it" but not today.

I guess It's kinda like Spiderman. We got so used to Tobey playing that role, that the new guy just seems awkward to be in that spot. However I grew to start to like the idea and can't wait to give him a chance. Will the same thing happen with Superman? I dunno. Cus routh was more perfect in this role than Tobey in Spidey and Bale in Batman.

I just see it this way. Imagine a Superman/Batman movie. Routh meets Bale, both in character, thats like beyond perfect. Granted Bale needs to work on his Batman accent, but its perfect.

JL4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

Yea I'm with you. Usually I can think of some names that would at least be ok with the role. Second choices if you will. But no, there is no substitute for Routh to me. Hell even Tobey and Bale I could come up with alternate actors. Routh is just so amazingly perfect that I can't even come up with a vague replacement at all.

To your Superman/Batman movie comment (better known as the Justice League movie that Warner Bros is working on--though in very early stages), check the image below.

Soldierone4241d ago

See just that picture gets you all excited haha! It would be amazing.

I think WB would make a Superman/Batman cross over before they made a Justice League movie. It would make more sense to me. Batman/Superman movie would be way more marketable, and that momentum could lead into the Justice League movie, at which WB makes more bank than Disney does with The Avengers.

Just my opinion, mainly because it was rumored Superman would appear in the third Batman film.

JL4241d ago

Hmm I'm not too sure about that. Never heard rumors about Superman being in the third Batman. That could be interesting though. But you do know Justice League is essentially a Batman/Superman crossover right. Them two being the two big front guys for the group. And while I've heard nothing of a strictly Batman/Superman crossover, I can assure you they've somewhat greenlit the Justice League project already.

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darklordzor4242d ago

I think Routh did an excellent job. I know a lot of fans have panned him about it, but I think that's just overall dislike for the film. Brandon Routh really felt like Superman, and played Clark Kent perfectly. He brought in the same feel that Chris Reeves did, without going so far as to emulate him. I think he was great for the role, and really wish they'd give him another chance.

As far as a replacement....I'm stuck too. I know many people are already clamoring for Tom Welling, but I don't think he'd make the switch very well.

JL4241d ago

See my problem with Tom Welling is he's already Superman. Putting him into the movie would just make it seem like you're not making a Superman reboot, but rather just making a Smallville movie. This wouldn't be good and it's something I'd think they'd want to distance themselves from. Especially when the rumored reason that they're not bringing Routh back is because they want to distance themselves from the previous Superman and completely reboot it and start anew. So I would be extremely disappointed if they ditched Routh for that reason but turned around and brought Welling in.

hazelamy4241d ago

they could do a lot worse than getting routh back, at least let the guy audition.
in my opinion he was one of the better choices they made with the last movie.

i think welling would be a mistake unless the plan is to have the movie be a continuation of the smallville universe.
and you know, i wouldn't mind that.