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General Zod Will Be The Villain Of Zack Snyder's Superman Reboot

Without a doubt, the biggest news of the day has been that Zack Snyder will helm the Christopher Nolan-produced, David S. Goyer written Superman reboot. But as big as this news is, there are still many details that are missing, namely who will play the Man of Steel and who will be the villain. Wait, no, you can scratch that last one off the list. In their write-up of the Snyder story, THR reports that Goyer's script not only has a connection to the original Richard Donner movies, but will share a villain as well. Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time since Superman II, I would like to introduce you to General Zod, the villain of the Superman reboot.

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Soldierone4809d ago

Anyone other than me super happy its not Lex Luthor again? There are better villians they could of chosen, but at least its not him.

This also brings forward the point I was making earlier. It's going to be darker and griddier than the others. I predict Superman will, or at least be on the very brink of dying in this one. Its made to be a franchise, so they might even kill him, and bring him back in a second.

darklordzor4808d ago

Nope, I'm totally with you. While I loved Kevin Spacey's Lex Luthor, I was really tired of him as a character. Superman needs a powerful supervillain (who can actually give him a challenge and lay a beat down). It's hard to have a tension filled movie about a man who is pretty much indestructible when his villain is a smart-guy.

I love Zod and think he's the perfect character for this, but it makes me wonder if they're ignoring the previous films. Superman Returns was a continuation of the first couple films and treated as a sequel. Since ZOd was already dealt with before, are they just going to bring him back. Somehow give him his powers back (because superman stripped him of those), or just act like this is a new story and a true reboot? I wonder....

Kneel before Zod!

Soldierone4808d ago

I sure hope its a reboot....Didn't Superman have a kid (Superboy or whatever) at the end of Returns. That and it was going into a complete love story, and the wrong direction. It wasn't horrible, but what will lead from that isn't going to be pretty.

I hope its a reboot, just like Spiderman. Get it back in the right direction.

JL4808d ago (Edited 4808d ago )

From everything I've heard this is an absolute reboot to the franchise. While the writing is influenced by the older movies, the story and movie itself is a reboot. This is, from what I understand, the reason that it isn't likely they'll be bringing Routh back (god that sucks everytime I have to think/say/type that), but they want to distance themselves from Superman Returns and previous films and just completely reboot it the way that Nolan did Batman.

Oh, and yay....if for no other reason, this is good news because: no more real estate schemes! lol

Whoooop4808d ago

Lex Luthor is a brilliant villain, but I'm also a bit tired of him.

I read somewhere about something I agree... He could be part of the story and influence some mayhem, but he should not be the main villain again at least in the next 3 movies IMO.

Zod could be a great villain in these times with all the tech... Nolan could definitely make him very interesting


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