Michael Lohan Asks Judge To Order Lindsay To Rehab Compares Her To Jackson, Ledger & Smith

Yahoo Movies: Michael Lohan is asking a judge to order his daughter, Lindsay, to go to rehab, saying he fears that she will be the next celebrity to lose her life to drugs.

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darklordzor4889d ago

I'm just so tired of hearing Lohan news. I mean, it's not really even news anymore. She's messed up, and is now having a harder time finding a job. I still think she's hot, but I don't really care to hear anymore about her personal life in the "News"

PaPa-Slam4889d ago

Agreed, she's like the tail of a Dog, it can never be straightened. Better leave it that way and move on.


Lindsay Lohan Wants You To Convince Joss Whedon To Cast Her As Batgirl

The journey to casting Joss Whedon's Batgirl in the DCEU is slowly turning into a bit of a catfight. The latest to voice her interest is Lindsay Lohan.

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SarcasticDuck2086d ago

That's a whole new level of begging for job! She's 31 so no thanks, I want a younger Batgirl.


Best Lindsay Lohan Movies

This is the list of Best Lindsay Lohan Movies. Lindsay Dee Lohan is an American actress and singer. Lohan began her career as a child fashion model

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Does the Own Series Help or Hurt Lindsay Lohan?

Who is Lindsay Lohan? She could be the amazing actress we love from Mean Girls and The Parent Trap. Or she may be the Tara Reid-esque has-been who will do anything to cover immense debt.

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