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Lindsay Lohan Wanted To Be In The Avengers

Lindsay Lohan, apparently, wanted to join the Avengers. In last night’s episode of “Lindsay,” Lohan’s reality television series on OWN, Lohan went on a rant about how her manager and agency weren’t doing enough to help get her acting career back on track. During the course of the tirade, she mentioned a missed opportunity to be part of the “Avengers” franchise.

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ironfist923230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

Well, theres always a chance she could be cast in Batman vs Superman at the rate they're going...

Lindsay Lohan as Batgirl? Because why the hell not.

Spiewie 3229d ago

Ehm how about no. In other words go home Lindsay you're drunk.

Soldierone3229d ago

Sorry but you need to know how to act to get in these movies. Go do another DUI and crash into a pole.....

AnEwGuY3228d ago

RDJ probably told her "Sorry, but that spot's been filled by me".