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Billionaire Alki David Hoping To Close TV Deal With Lindsay Lohan Next Month

According to GreekReporter, FilmOn’s Alki David is hoping to have secured a deal with troubled star Lindsay Lohan.

As we reported earlier, according to RumorFix, David is offering Lohan the opportunity to host her own online talk show on the popular online television subscription site. The show will be a cross between “The View” and “Chelsea Lately.”

“We want to have Lindsay host her own show here in London for a year deal and we offered her a $10 million for the one-year season,” said David, according to GreekReporter.

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Soldierone3499d ago


Honestly. How many people does she have to hurt, run into while drunk in her car, cause issues with, and disrespect? She takes opportunities and throws them out the door with disrespect and 5 year old temper tantrums. She can't act worth crap anymore, her TV movie proves that, and the drugs are really destroying her looks. She should be in jail right now for life with all the crap she has gotten a slap on the wrist for.

I won't watch anything with her in it, with the exception of Scary Movie because its making fun of her. You take a nimrod like her and combine it with two boring shows, I'll pass. Might as well make Kim Kardashian be the first guest while you are at it.

Sorry for the rant, just sick and tired of this idiot getting to many re-do's for her mistakes. Once or twice and a comeback, you get Downey Jr and Charlie Sheen. 50 times, nearly killing people, still falling downhill and not caring at all, you get Lohan.

timmyp533499d ago

She had such a promising future after Mean Girls and then she threw it all away.

StarWarsFan3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

Why are people so hooked on giving her chances? At this point, she's a lost cause.