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Silver Screams: [Rec] Trilogy

Continuing his daily series of horror movie articles, FMV Magazine's Leon Nicholson looks at found-footage series [Rec].

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10 Movies That Deserve Your Halloween

Chris of Laser Lemming Writes "Halloween is this Thursday, and many television stations will air lame specials while cable stations try to jam silly schlock down your throats. Spend your Halloween wisely by watching these excellent films. We are not loading for the most scary, but we are aiming to add really great films to your Halloween ammunition. This list will consist of modern films made over the last decade. Let’s begin"

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Click's Horde of Horrors

Clickonline writes "October’s weird. In no other month do we celebrate its death by scaring the excrement out of ourselves. It’s a noble and dignified tradition.

The Halloween film is a generously nebulous term incorporating the bulk of the horror genre. Yet certain aspects of this horrific holiday mimic the unsteady shuffle of the undead – they’re not easily avoided!"

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[REC] 3 Genesis (2012) - Popzara Movie Review

Might give fans of the zombie genre exactly what they want, but the film itself is cliched, silly, and annoyingly unclear about how it wants to present itself.

Full review by Chris Pandolfi.

wishingW3L4334d ago

the first REC was a pretty good low budget movie. For Rec 2 they added more action and military shooting at zombies in a building. And now Rec 3 is a total cluster*** of fail.

barb_wire4334d ago

Have to agree, [REC] 3 was terrible.. don't know why they went in the direction they did with this entry.. makes me kind of worried now for the supposedly [REC] 4 which will be the final movie of this quadrilogy.

Mikefizzled4334d ago

Really enjoyed [Rec} and [Rec]2 but this just looks awful. Disappointed they went in this direction.