Top 10 Movies to Catch Fall 2012

As the summer comes to a close, so does the season of epic movies that we spend all year looking forward to. Whether, or not you were disappointed with the 2012 summer movies, this fall looks to pack in intensifying fun and thrills to bring the year to a close before December. Here are ten films to be on the lookout for from September through November.

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mn213329d ago

This article has X-Men Origins: Gambit in the list, but the movie Gambit has nothing to do with X-Men.

StarbuckSpitfire3329d ago

Thank you for noting that. The situation is being rectified.

TheCritic283328d ago

Seriously, what line of thinking led you to believe that Gambit was an X-Men film? Futhermore, wouldn't just GOOGLING the title led you to believe otherwise?

TheCritic283328d ago

And not to be too hostile, but there's two other errors in this article: the REC series isn't referred to as Quarantine in the US; that's just the name of the American remake. The series is called REC, just like everywhere else.

Also, Dan Bradley filled in as Jason Vorhees for ONE Friday the 13th: Part VI. How does that make him the "first" Jason Vorhees? I don't know if it's you who wrote the article or not, but to whoever did, you HAVE to check your facts. I'm not trying to be mean's just something you have to do if you want to be treated seriously.

KILLERAPP3328d ago

I already saw Rec 3, and it was a disappointment compare to the other two. It doesn’t really add anything. I was pissed since I like part one and love part two with their incredible twist… Just hope the next Rec is better…

Thatguy-3103328d ago

Well I heard that the other REC movie is a direct sequel to the second one.

falcon3328d ago

it's resident evil 5 and not 6