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The Daily Rotation - [REC] 3: Genesis Review

Sean of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Director Paco Plaza, the undisputed king of found footage movies (so far) has come back to the well for a third [REC] film, as we follow the outbreak of a strange virus that turns regular people (and as we learn in this film, most importantly, animals) into bloodthirsty monsters looking for people to feast on. Both [REC] and [REC] 2 focus on an apartment building where emergency personnel are trying to make sure the virus doesn’t spread beyond the building. The insane intensity and surprise twists have kept fans coming back to the series, both for the sequel, [REC] 2 and the American remake Quarantine starring Jennifer Carpenter, which even spawned a direct-to-video sequel Quarantine: Terminal. While that film seems like it was mostly forgettable, [REC] 2 was a fun continuation of the series, and a cool look at the story’s progression from the first film."

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