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It’s weird we call this thing Baby Yoda when it’s obviously not Yoda. I hope they do something interesting with the character. Lucas was secretive about Yoda’s species. He didn’t even name them I don’t think.

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Banks will have to break out of director’s jail before she can even consider directing another film.

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Why do leftists love the word “problematic” so much?

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Can’t wait to see a pussy-grabbing Lex Luthor.

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He should have stipulated in the contract that Disney had to use his stories for the sequels.

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I’m sure Abrams will find a way.

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That would be a heck of a twist.

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Not good.

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There already was a sequel on the NES.

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I guess it’s time for him to make Lady in the Water 2 so he can attack his critics like in the first film.

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You’re just regurgitating the same BS damage-control PR tripe that Lucasfilm put out shortly after Solo’s release and continues to put out now. It would have bombed no matter when it was released. Solo failed for 3 main reasons: the quality of the film was poor, no one was interested in seeing a standalone Han Solo film in the first place, and finally because that abomination The Last Jedi killed off a lot of enthusiasm for future Star Wars films. Lucasfilm will never admit this and will inst...

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Lame title.

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A New Hope, Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith, Return of the Jedi. None of those start with “The”.

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She must be getting crap from feminists because I don’t think any guys are complaining about it.

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If Groot is a child in Vol. 3, keep Gunn away from him ;)

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The film is being made by modern Sony Pictures Studios, the same studio responsible for junk like Ghostbusters 2016, Jack and Jill, and the Amazing Spider-Man films. Of course it’s going to be bad. Is anyone really expecting otherwise?

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You should see Screen Rant’s Pitch Meeting for Rogue One. I think you’ll appreciate it.

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No I meant 90’s. The prequels were a big disappointment. Episode 1 was the beginning of the downfall for Star Wars. The fans were right to criticize the prequels. They were incompetently made as well.

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It hasn’t really been a great time to be a Star Wars fan since the 90’s. Disney’s handling of the franchise has been very incompetent.

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“I’m blue ah ba dee ah ba da”

Will Smith

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