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It's no more cringy than everything else WWE has done in the PG era.

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So many anime look like it was made for pedos. Kid friendly appearance with tits and ass being the plot lol. Also a lot of them focus too much on the generic harem formula, I don't really understand the appeal in anime like this... I watch anime for entertainment just like live action movies and tv shows, but these harem stories are basically hentai plots with out the actual hentai making it pointless.

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modelgod - "Who the hell disagreed w/your post? Unbelievable! ! I binged DBZ super and now waiting a week for the next episode is KILLING ME! ! I thought the fighters from universe 10 we're strong? Android 17 is killing them!! I think it's universe 10, the characters that use the "power of love. " my motto is: " if you prefer English then your not a real Anime fan.'"

Nothing wrong with preferring your native language in the tv shows you ...

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Yes more pointless transformations that Vegeta will struggle to get.

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Master Roshi is hardly in any Dragon Ball Z episodes, maybe in Dragon Ball but I don't remember anything being censored in that either... Are you talking about Dragon Ball Super? Regardless of anything being censored in the TV broadcasts, the Blu-ray releases and streamed versions don't have anything censored. What 'violence' has ever been censored in Dragon Ball Z's American release?

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I don't have a problem with them changing the race of a comicbook character as long as they keep with the characters personality from the book but Hollywood likes to change characters so easily like this movie and the Spider-Man movie. I didn't have a problem with them changing the race of MJ until I saw the movie and it was not even close to the comicbook character (so glad they confirmed shes not MJ) along with a few other race changes they made. Almost none of the race changes stay...

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Anime characters just can't be made into live action movies, they never look like the actual characters.

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Tragedy no, straight up retarded if it was serious yes, it would have to be a comedy skit to work.

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Non-fiction vs fictional characters are not comparable. Of course if it's based on history it should be a actor who can look most like the character and can actually act. But when it comes to fictional characters it doesn't mean that much other than the original fanbase will obviously not like change.

Specifically anime almost none of the characters ever look Asian and I've seen Asian anime movies and almost every time the actors just don't look anything lik...

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Sales don't equal a better movie, Iron Man 3 proved that.

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I mean would you be happy if she looked like a Street Fighter character?

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Well I sure as crap don't want another Superman Returns. Let Marvel stay PG, DC needs to keep doing what they are doing. Of course I wouldn't mind a lighter toned TV show of the characters.

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It's funny no one realized that this is actually Lex Luthors son lol.

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He kills straight up only twice with the grenade and flame thrower guy at the end. Also what else do you expect to happen when you use a tank to chase bad guys, is he supposed to just let them shoot until they run out of bullets? I mean they could have toned him down but he would have been way to underpowered to be in the same movie as Superman. In my opinion him killing is not as bad as the branding he does.

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"good", most of the critics think it's the worst comic book movie ever made.

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I agree with the review but that's not Lex Luthor, it's his son which a lot of people didn't realize.

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People are rating it like it's the worst comic book movie to date when in my opinion it's DC's best to date. Heck it's easily better than Man of Steel that averaged 7-8 but everyone is rating this movie below 5 which is just insane.

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I loved everything about Batman in this movie and the fact the Joker wannabe is not Lex Luthor but actually his son Lex Jr makes me not hate that character as much. Also the Flashpoint and Injustice parts along with the reveal of Cyborg had me cheering for more. Also that part with Superman VS Nuke along with the emotional part where he was still standing after that bomb that massacred everyone around him. I honestly think this movie is amazing!

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Ironman 3 and Tony Stark as a whole is not faithful to any comics.

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No problem you just have to appeal to the masses, I get it.

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