First Trailer and Poster for 'Chernobyl Diaries' From Oren Peli

The Collider:
The first trailer for the latest horror-thriller from Paranormal Activity creator Oren Peli has gone online. Chernobyl Diaries follows a group of friends vacationing in Eastern Europe who find themselves stranded in a ghost town near the nuclear reactor incident site of Chernobyl. As expected, they begin to realize they’re not entirely alone. I actually think Chernobyl is an intriguing location for a horror pic, and though I’m not normally a fan of Peli’s stuff, the historical aspect of Chernobyl on display in the trailer is appealing. It’s hard to tell if the jump scares work or not from a computer screen, but I’m sure audiences will have a better idea of the film’s “scare factor” when they see the trailer in theaters. I still can’t figure out whether this is a found footage movie or not; either it is, or it’s filmed in a very handheld style. Peli was originally set to direct Chernobyl Diaries but he handed duties off to Brad Parker while assuming a producer role.

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alycakes2593d ago

Interesting but not enough to pay money to go see.

JL2593d ago

I'm a fan of Oren Peli's work, so I'll definitely check this out at some point (DVD/rental). Appears that it's not found-footage, though (despite the articles confusion). There are several shots in here which give away that the camera isn't being operated by a character (ie the shot into the vehicle when they're all inside, the shot from the building looking down towards them, and a couple others), but definitely has a handycam thing going on. Interesting as I'm pretty sure this is Peli's first venture outside of found-footage. Looks interesting though.

alycakes2592d ago

I didn't even notice that. I'll have to watch it more closely and see if I can tell.