Push Start Review: Chernobyl Diaries

Vicki Dolley writes: "Chernobyl Diaries is based upon the real life disaster of 1986 and evokes The Hills Have Eyes meets Cloverfield by way of a Fallout 3/Silent Hill-esque setting (Sounds messy? Wait until you see the film!). It follows a bunch of young Americans on a European tour – Chris (singer Jesse McCartney, who gamers will be interested to know voices Roxas and Ventus in the Kingdom Hearts series), his girlfriend Natalie (Olivia Taylor Dudley) and their friend Amanda (Devin Kelley). They visit Chris’ brother Paul (Jonathan Sadowski) in Ukraine who suggests that instead of visiting Moscow – as they all planned to do, and where Chris intends to propose to Natalie – they instead go on an ‘extreme tour’ with guide Uri (Dimitri Diatchenko) and another adventurer couple to the off-limits ghost town of Prypiat, which is situated below the Chernobyl nuclear plant site of the disaster in which thousands of people were forced to evacuate the city overnight. However, as you would expect from the clichéd way the film sets itself up, they are not alone and the tour begins to take many unexpected, gruesome turns."

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