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Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "I know these lists have been circulating like mad for the past few weeks, but I thought I’d chime in with my two cents. I like to spend some time really thinking over my top ten lists because I don’t want to be that person that just shoves every single Oscar nominated movie on the list without sprinkling in a few favorites. I have no problem recognizing strong directing and performing, but I also like to mention a few personal favorites that I enjoyed more than others. It all comes down to personal preference, replay value and overall scoring. Sure, there might be a few movies that I rated higher than something that barely makes my list, but that’s because I might have enjoyed a movie a lot more and gone back to revisit it time and time again, despite its lower rating due to a few acting missteps or weaker story."

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JL3933d ago

Finally a list giving praise to Warrior. Just finished watching it and I have to say it's absolutely great. Seriously, it almost borders on Rocky type greatness. The Fighter doesn't hold a candle to Warrior.

MinimeJer053932d ago

I don't know why, but for some reason I really clicked with The Fighter. It's probably because Bale is my all-time favorite actor.

But Warrior (and Fighter for that matter) knock Rocky off its feet. I was never a fan of Rocky. I appreciate it as a film, but I can't get myself to watch it anymore.

I'm glad to see Warrior getting some praise finally. I saw it in theaters and told everyone about it around here and no one cared about it, but now it looks like the word is slowly leaking out!

JL3932d ago

Rocky is awesome. Neither Warrior or The Fighter top it for me. Warrior is awesome, though. I wasn't so fond of The Fighter however. Great acting, but the writing really left me hoping for more. Thought they pretty much botched the whole underdog aspect.

aDDicteD3932d ago

nice!,, haven't watched the tree of life and 50/50 yet, really looking forward to watching those 2 soon