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'Warrior' Review | Examiner writes: Some films are made to evoke a certain emotion from its audience, like it is pointing directly at your soul and telling you to feel either distraught, excitement, sadness, happiness or compassion. Most films that attempt to do that often times come off as highly manipulative, putting their characters into situations that are clearly manufactured to elicit a particular feeling at a particular moment. The successful ones however are able to tap into those emotions without it ever feeling forced, it lulls you in with real characters facing real world problems that we all deal with and let us go on a two hour journey with them. "Warrior" is the first film in decades to bring forth all of those emotions and do it in a way that feels completely natural, fresh and honest.

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alycakes3421d ago

This movie is heartwrenching. It really touches you at the core even if you've never had family issues like this movie is showing, I still think anyone watching will feel some of what this movie is trying to relay to their audience. Great performaces by each one of the main cast members but especially by Nick Nolte. I was also in awe of the two brothers...they were just unbelievable.