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IGN: Will Ferrell's Casa Bought

IGN: Pantelion Films announced today that it has acquired the U.S. rights to the highly-anticipated NALA Films and Gary Sanchez Productions produced comedy Casa De Mi Padre, directed by Matt Piedmont and starring Will Ferrell. Pantelion Films plans to release Casa De Mi Padre, which was fully-financed by NALA Films, stateside on March 16, 2012. The Spanish-language film, which pays homage to classic westerns and telenovelas, will be Pantelion Film's widest release to date. The domestic deal was announced today by Paul Presburger, CEO of Pantelion Films.

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Anna Faris, Eugenio Derbez to Star in 'Overboard' Remake


Anna Faris and Mexican star Eugenio Derbez will topline Overboard, MGM’s remake of the 1980s comedy.

Pantelion Films, the joint venture between Lionsgate and Grupo Televisa, and 3Pas Studios are also behind the project.

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6 Titles to Watch on Netflix During the January Movie Drought

With nothing promising coming out in the following weeks, Meodia recommends 6 titles to check out on Netflix while you wait for the February slate to hit.

NSG3051d ago

Will Ferrell's movies are hit or miss to me. I often times find myself pleasantly surprised though, so I'll have to check out "Casa de Mi Padre"

Soldierone3051d ago

For me it tends to be who he is paired up with. His style somewhat reflects based on his partner.

That's why I enjoy him when he is with Mark Whalburg, the two are crazy funny to me.

nriedl193051d ago

Have you seen Daddy's Home yet? I LOVE The Other Guys, but I didn't think the new one looked all that good.

Soldierone3051d ago

Not yet, I wanted to but it came out around Star Wars time so theaters were too busy.

Spiewie 3050d ago

Well it sucks that Ireland doesn't have access to half o the movies that are out on the US version....


From Honest Abe to Hobbit Feet: The Top Ten Geek Movies of 2012

Daniel Joslyn "Geek films dominated the box office in 2012, but that does not tell the whole story. Some movies lived up to impossible expectations. Others bombed as expected. Some movies that nobody had heard of in 2011 turned out to be amazing, while other movies that had a huge build-up were mostly greeted with disappointment. It’s hard to pick out one overarching story but I would say it was this – in an increasingly fragmented world, geeks are the last bastion of the collective experience."

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level 3604158d ago

Think Casa De Mi Padre was never released theatrically outside the U.S.
Bought a Blu Ray copy and have to say it is hilarious! Will Ferrell is a genius.

Rented a copy of The Hunger Games and in all honesty it is over-hyped and an absolute inferior copycat of the Japanese film Battle Royale.

MarronMarvel4157d ago

I'm sad that Casa De Mi Padre didn't have a theatrical release outside of the U.S. It was definitely one of my favorite films of 2012!

I think the Hunger Games movie was much better than the book. It's a lot like Battle Royale, yes, but it's also like a bunch of other things (Logan's Run, anyone?) so I'm not sure I'd call it a Battle Royale copycat. (I liked Battle Royale better, though.)