The LRA Show Ep. 70 - Dredd 3D / End of Watch

LRA writes: With our first proper episode of the show in almost three weeks, we do not disappoint with a bevy of films to cover. Brian starts us off with his thoughts on the new Indiana Jones Blu-ray set, then I offer up a handful of reviews on "Resident Evil: Retribution", the Will Ferrel Spanish soap opera "Casa De Mi Padre" and then wrap our first segment up with my Netflix Instant Stream Movie of the Week. Our first main film is then up with James and myself explaining how "Dredd 3D" has seemingly beat the odds and established itself as one of the best comic book movies ever made and then Brian jumps back in as he and I discuss the many merits of the new cop drama flick "End of Watch". Featured music this week is from the "End of Watch" motion picture soundtrack and La Roux's song "In For The Kill" featured in the "Dredd 3D" trailer.

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