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Player Affinity | Killer Elite Review

Player Affinity writes: You know from the get-go that if a movie like this claims to be based on a true story, it is anything but. Loosely based on a book by Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Killer Elite is essentially a Jason Statham vehicle that his fans will enjoy.

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alycakes4648d ago

This was a pretty good movie for it being based on a true story. I always like it when it's based on a book that is fictional because the governments are denying what has happened. This always makes me believe the book and the movie more. It wasn't one of the best movies ever but it was still a good movie for the big screen because of the action scenes.


Entering the Stream: New to Netflix Films for May

Movies Hate You Too writes:

One of the biggest complaints you hear about Netflix Streaming is their lack of quality films. To a certain extent I would agree with that sentiment but for whatever reason I don’t have as big of a problem with their lineup as some customers do. Most of the films I watch on Netflix are more geared towards older catalog titles than new releases so that probably has a lot to do with my higher level of satisfaction. For May however Netflix has added several new releases in addition to adding a large amount of interesting catalog titles.

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HenderShot4417d ago

About time. While I appreciate the selection of older movies, Netflix is seriously lacking with newer releases compared to other streaming services.

ilikestuff4417d ago

eh better then hulu plus, ive never heard of at least half of the movies they got, they look like straight to dvd crap to me

HenderShot4417d ago

I'm considering Amazon's service. If I upgrade my account to Amazon Prime, it might be worth it for the streaming.

ilikestuff4417d ago

I've been thinking about trying out prime but it seems as thought u gotta rummage through everything just to find the free stuff, and every time i go on ill be tempted to buy movies then there goes the rent

--Onilink--4416d ago

well hulu isnt really about movies.. its more of a series service

spicelicka4417d ago

well cuz half the shit isn't available in canada:(
it's getting better though

dvfaa4416d ago

you can get american netflix with a VPN service. like Unblock-US it costs a little extra but hey i say its worth it

Myst4416d ago

Starship troopers :)

I wish they'd add Season 4 of the old Twilight Zone though :( it looks kind of sad to see Seasons 1-3 then jumps right to 5.


Killer Elite Review | Matt's Movie Reviews

While it promised to rock us like a hurricane, Killer Elite instead bores us with action movie clichés aplenty and uninspired action sequences.

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alycakes4499d ago

I enjoyed this movie and I bought it. It's based on a true story and who better than the actors that were in to play the roles. It was good action and a good story.


New to Blu-ray January 10, 2012

Movies Hates You Too writes:

After taking a few weeks off Movies Hate You Too is back with just a few new Blu-ray releases. Conversely Universal and 20th Century Fox are releasing several large assortments of catalog titles.

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alycakes4542d ago

I can't wait to see this...missed it at the movies but have heard so many good things about it from everyone that I know that saw it.