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Jeremy of We Got This Covered wrote, "What does Clive Owen, Jason Statham and Robert De Niro all have in common? They've all done great action films. De Niro's early stuff might not be as comparable as Owen and Statham's (because De Niro's earlier stuff is amazing and not on the same careless action level as the other two), but he's done his fair share of shoot 'em up's, while Clive Owen actually did a film called Shoot 'Em Up. In Killer Elite all three men mix their different styles into one; making an exercise of patience and credibility."

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alycakes4158d ago

I didn't think it was terrible but then I like Jason Statham and Clive Owen and action movies. I enjoyed the whole movie and I plan on buying it to add to my collection.

alycakes4155d ago

I got this yesterday and plan on watching it this weekend with my husband since he hasn't seen it. I also bought a movie called Bunraku, also a comic book movie. It has Woody Harrelson, Josh Hartnett, Demi Moore and Ron Perlman. When I saw the trailer...I knew I had to have it. It has some cool visuals and action in it.