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Jon Hamm Talks Friends With Kids and the End of Mad Men

At the Toronto International Film Festival, Jon Hamm had a chance to talk about his latest movie, Friends With Kids. "Written and directed by Jennifer Westfeldt (Kissing Jessica Stein), the plot centers on a pair of thirtysomething best friends who observe the toll that having kids has taken on the couples they know and resolve to bypass that stress by having a child and then date other people. Adam Scott and Westfeldt play the lead couple, while Hamm (who also produced), Kristen Wiig, Chris O’Dowd and Maya Rudolph play the couples with kids. Edward Burns and Megan Fox are also in the film." Of course, Jon Hamm also can't get away with not talking about Mad Men and this interview didn't change that.

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Cat4545d ago

Completely agree with Hamm on endings - and his reference to how British TV knows how to wrap up a story, instead of reducing well-written shows to fan service til there aren't any fans left.

StarWarsFan4544d ago

Jon Hamm should just change his name to Don Draper.


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