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15 Actresses Who Were Too Young For These TV Scenes

The Richest

Despite a young performer needing to get parental permission to act in these more "adult" shows, one has to wonder where the moral boundary is.

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Soldierone2390d ago

Why do major TV and movies get special privileges to everything? I mean it's illegal as-is to sign a kid to a contract and to put them to work, but you say "oh it's for a movie" and everyone backs off....

Gwiz2389d ago

Because it's Hollywood... It's like a planet of its own lol.

Soldierone2386d ago

That's what I mean. How did Hollywood find a way to create their own special island and everyone else is just okay with everything they do. Like all this applies to everyone, except Hollywood, and everyone just goes "oh it's Hollywood, it's fine."

michael_llewellyn2384d ago

There's something in their contracts that says youngsters have to have time for schooling, but it still doesn't really let kids be kids :/ Seems a heavy price to pay for fame and talent.

SarcasticDuck2390d ago

we're clear guys, the hot chick on the thumbnail is 18 already! (da fuq is america giving to their kids?)

justy1122389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

I think that is the Chick from gothem, named silver in the show, her real name is Natalie Alyn Lind.


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