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New Human Centipede II Trailer Wants You To Watch The Audience

CinemaBlend says:

Words like depraved, obscene, and tasteless have been lobbed at Tom Six’s 2009 shock horror The Human Centipede, and it would seem that Six’s goal for the sequel is to make his critics have to invent new words to properly describe the images on screen. The newest trailer for The Human Centipede II: Full Sequence has arrived online, and it heavily plays up the reaction audiences had to the first film and seems to promise even more disgustingness in the sequel. Intriguingly however, this trailer is safe for work. Check it out.

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Crazay3695d ago

Pardon my language but that trailer is absolute shit. it shows nothingof the movie except for a few actors pretending to be disgusted by what they saw. I call horsehit on that trailer.

Soldierone3693d ago

The movie itself will probably be of no better least the first one wasn't.

Don't even know where they got the "brilliant" idea to make a second....

Crazay3693d ago

I actually enjoyed the original movie for a few reasons.
1.) the guy playing the doctor was kinda creepy and he played the role of a mad scientist quite well.
2.) in a genre I love so much, even I can admit that horror movies are getting stale and I thought that they at least created a unique concept.

I'll take heat on this but ya, I'm looking forward to the sequel but this trailer irritates me. I don't believe for a second that these ppl aren't actors.

Soldierone3693d ago

Its your opinion and I can respect that, no reason to hate you for it lol. I can understand other people hiding behind a computer screen giving you crap though.

I'm with you on the idea of "at least it was an original idea" That was what originally grasped my attention. However beyond that it was just dumb to me, and I found more interest in the parodies and stuff that came from it. Even my local radio station was like "wtf did i just watch" after they were done promoting it for like a week haha

Crazay3693d ago

Thanks buddy - I can see where you're coming from. The premise is nasty especially the digestion parts but it really was the doctor and the originality of the project that got me. Much like the movie Dead Girl.

Trophywhore3692d ago

Englands rating board spoiled a good bit of this movie. The content goes too fat and this is coming from someone who loves gore in his horror movies. I dont think this will see the light of day in america. Its pure gore porn simple as that.

nyobzoo3693d ago

what does unleashed in Australia mean? does that mean that the movie was released there?

Shackdaddy8363693d ago

Lol. The guy at 00:28 was fapping XD

3692d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.