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First Poster For The Human Centipede 2 [Full Sequence]

CinemaBlend says:

Described this time around as "100% Medically Inaccurate," the new movie is about a man named Martin (Laurence R. Harvey) who is completely obsessed with the first Human Centipede movie. Receiving sexual gratification from its premise, Martin decides to conduct an experiment of his own, only instead of making a chain of three individuals, he plans on using 12. Banned in Britain, the movie will be distributed in the United States by IFC Films and will have a limited release date on October 7th.

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Cat3442d ago

The most I know about the first movie is what Tosh.0 said about it, and even that's too much. I need my brain wiped.

JL3442d ago

The first one was absolute crap. I'm not saying that because I didn't have the stomach for it either. I'm not nearly that squeamish. It was just flat-out a bad movie. Poor directing. Bad writing. Lazy filmmaking.

It's not even good as a "torture porn" or exploitative movie (which I don't even mind - I actually liked Hostel a bit and Saw was good till they ran it into the ground). But this was just horrible.

The entire premise idiotic. To make it worse, the director tries to be serious and artsy about it. Ultimate fail. It's not even nearly as boundary-pushing and controversial as people make it out to be. Of course, that's the only reason people talk about it and the only reason it gets any recognition. All cause of one scene really. The rest is just idiotic nonsense done for shock value. Strip that away and it's actually fairly cliche in its storytelling and execution.

Trust me. Don't waste your time with the first one. And especially this second one since it seems to just regurgitate the exact some ingredients just on a bigger scale.

Crazay3442d ago

Jeez JL - why don't you say it with a little more emotion next time bro,


StarWarsFan3442d ago

This movie should just be banned for stupidity.