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'A Serbian Film' Blu-Ray Review From Project-Blu

There is no need to write a finale for this review. There is no way Project_blu would dare summarize this film in as few words. A Serbian Film is simply a work of art, a brilliant analogy that, unfortunately, will cause viewers to be upset at what is shown on screen, rather than the plight of the people it analogizes. Approach at caution, and don't blame Project-Blu. No matter what you do, view it or not, don't blame me. This review is for the UK version but the US version is coming out later this year.

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Yi-Long3712d ago

... but being a big opposer to censorship, I do know I wouldn't purchase a censored version of the movie either, so in that sense it's a shame they decided to cut it up.

Master X 243712d ago

Its only 4 minutes in the UK and the US release is only cut by a minute.

Firstkn1ghT3711d ago

The movie is a masterpiece. The best of its kind. I highly doubt their will ever be a movie like this again.

luke12345673711d ago

This film is disgusting...period.

I don't care WHAT message it "metaphorically" makes, its a sick, sick film and does not deserve to see the light of day.

andron3711d ago

It's a great movie. And while it will be vilified by the media and others it's not as bad as they make it out to be.

I kept thinking it was like something a young and angry Cronenberg could have made today. Not to everyone’s taste, but that's kind of the point...

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