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Seven Must-See Movies Starring Mr Versatile: Bill Nighy writes:

If, like me, you occasionally enjoy a movie marathon devoted to a single genre, actor or filmmaker, and are currently on the lookout for your next common theme, allow me to introduce you to a man whose body of work is so varied, and talent so versatile, you will be entertained for days: Bill Nighy.

Whereas many acting careers nowadays are born and buried in quick blink-and-miss-it succession, British actor Bill Nighy has thirty five years of film and television under his belt and therefore a well-stocked vault of projects to choose from. And there is a little bit of everything in there – drama, horror, comedy, animation; whatever your cinematic tastes, Nighy has made something that will appeal.

To help organise your fix of Bill, I’ve compiled a list of what I believe to be Nighy-marathon musts, and explained a little bit why they’re the films fit for the long haul.

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alycakes3723d ago

I love this man....he really is a wonderful actor. I think he his comedy is where I like him the most but I must say his work in Pirates is remarkable with all that make up and costume on.

NXUSco3723d ago

He had a great bit part in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy as well.

jasonmack3722d ago

Always loved Billy Nighy. It's always been a mystery why so many people never heard of him.