Socratis Otto Joins I, Frankenstein; Bill Nighy In Negotiations

CBM Writes:
Pirates Of The Caribbean's Bill Nighy is in negotiations to play the villain in the upcoming adaptation of I, Frankenstein, while Matrix Reloaded actor Socratis Otto has signed on to play a henchman.

With Lionsgate's upcoming adaptation of the graphic novel I, Frankenstein prepping to begin production in January, a couple of casting announcements have come via Variety. Bill Nighy - best known for playing 'Davy Jones' in the first two Pirates Of The Caribbean sequels - is in talks to play the antagonist in the film, while Soctratis Otto (who's biggest film to date is The Matrix Reloaded) has signed on to play one of Nighy's henchman, who is assigned to capture Aaron Eckhart's Adam/Frankenstein. Nighy's character will be a 'demon prince'.

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alycakes2651d ago

I didn't even know they were making this movie....sounds interesting.