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The Daily Rotation - 50/50 Review

Anthony of The Daily Rotation wrote, "When I initially heard about the upcoming drama, 50/50, I was instantly intrigued by everything that it represented. The story line looked like it was going to be solid, the cast looked to be superb and to top it all off – it looked like it was going to be hilarious. Some might find me cynical when I can use the word “hilarious” towards a cancer related issue but the trailer for 50/50 made it seem like we would see both “hilarious” and cancer colliding on the big screen. I mean how can it not be hilarious when you have Joseph Gordon-Levitt standing in front of Seth Rogen about to shave his head using Rogen’s “body” clippers. Regardless of how you take the trailer, hilarious or not, it still seemed to have the capability to grasp you and not let you go. Like I said, I was instantly intrigued with the movie on many different levels."

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SRC3728d ago

Can't wait to see this one!

stoofron3728d ago

great movie! nice review also